“Tante Toos”

Coöperatieve P.Bell & Friends en Aafje Francise bedenken en ontwikkelen nieuwe huisvestingsconcepten voor ouderen. Hierbij zoeken ze vooral bestaande locaties en woongebouwen waarbij aansluiting wordt gezocht bij de lokale sfeer en het aanwezige karakter.

MATH has studied the possibility to integrate the so-called “Tante Toos” concept in various existing residential buildings.

In a “Tante Toos” group, approximately 15 elderly people with dementia live together in a small-scale residential community which is run by an independent entrepreneur who provides care for their needs. Each resident has an independent living studio with a wheelchair accessible bathroom. The residents meet every day in the common living room with an area of approximately 150m2 to 200 m2. The living room is equipped with a large kitchen where communal meals are prepared and has direct access to a private garden.  

"Tante Toos", Housing concept for elderly in existing residential buildings
Cooperative P.Bell & Friends
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