Villa Verhaegh Harsono - nieuwbouw villa woonhuis luxe Nijmegen

Situated in the new residential area which borders both the city of Nijmegen and open countryside, east Netherlands, this project  provides a new family home for two industrial designers and their children.
The new building has a defensive north side, protecting it from traffic noise and pollution, and a softer south side which is open to the garden allowing natural light and fresh air to enter the main living spaces.
The clients wished for a contemporary, minimalist design with minimal energy use.  In addition to this, the project had to be to be realised on a very small budget.
Externally, the lower level of the house is clad in a dark Indonesian stone - a material very personal to the client. The upper levels are clad in a lighter stone to provide a contrast in color and texture. A natural roof made from bamboo covers parts of the building.
Internally, the Indonesian stone is used throughout the house and the trunks from a group of trees that where once on the site are used around the stairwell as decorative objects.