R&D - sea, coastal and marine system, health, water management, water supply, sanitation, enviroment, wastewater, UNEP

Research analysed extensively the status of water supply & sanitation coverage in the UNEP regional seas, health/gender related impacts. Identified potential targets and indicators to monitor performance of development projects on wastewater treatment. This included reporting and managing data on global initiatives on water / sanitation. Analysed the vulnerability with regards to lack of sanitation facilities of various coastal regions worldwide. One of the conclusions of the research was that availability of adequate sanitation facilities does not always imply safe coastal environments. The availability of adequate wastewater treatment systems is very crucial in order to protect the coastal and marine systems from discharge of untreated polluted wastewater.
Coordination& production exhibition materials; presentation in WSSD, Johannesburg (2002) and WWF3, Kyoto (2003).