Green Pedals - Sustainable architecture, cycling. school, water, food energy, mobility

Green Pedals is about an adventurous inspiring cycling journey of one man – Metthew Harris - from Netherlands to Australia, across 27 countries / 36,000 km, to raise awareness in schools across this route on sustainability.
Olga Trancikova from MATH architecten is advisor sustainable solutions for these schools.
The goals of Green Pedals are: to develop schools as centers of sustainability; facilitate integrated solutions such as solar-panels, energy efficient lighting, green roofs, rainwater harvesting and more due to local relevancy to develop climate resilience. To promote the joy of cycling leading to better quality of life, health and sustainable mobility; and to empower communities to be wardens and promoters of sustainable choices that are locally maintainable.

“Children are our future, and our world is their world,” says Matthew, “and cycling is healthy and environmentally friendly. I want to give my bike trip extra meaning and help the planet. Together with sustainability expert Mansi Jasuja and architect Olga Trancikova from MATH, we have created the Planet Green foundation, of which Green Pedals is the first project.”
Together with Foundation Green Pedals, this project aims to increase awareness of sustainability in schools.
By organizing fun& education activities in schools on sustainability, Green Pedals hopes to increase the understanding and awareness for water, energy and food, and how they are related. During his cycle trip, Matthew will observe howpeople live and how they are influenced by these factors. He will share his experiences in participating schools, and on his blog:

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