ARZS Salzburg - Urban study, transformation, analysis, Salzburg, development, Austria, stedebouwkundige studie, ontwerp locatie

This urban study is developed in accordance with studies of the city of Salzburg highlighting the importance of the ‘Automobil Raum Zeit Salzburg’ site as the northern pole of the ‘Bahnhof Nord’ area in the centre of Salzburg, Austria.
The location of future ARZS is located at the crossroads of important compounds such as roads, public transport, pedestrian and cycle paths.
It forms a hinge or switching point between areas with different functions in the city, and between mono-functional and multifunctional neighborhoods.
It forms the important catalyst in the development of the Bahnhof-N area in the North-end. The attractive character of the ARZS site is an important factor for the success of the Bahnhof-N development.
The conditions in order to transform the site of ARZS into an attractive location are:
Comfortable connections
to the location: traffic organization - the roads, pedestrian and cycle paths should become pleasant, comfortable and safe. Their quality will stimulate the use of them. Good cycle paths and attractive public transport stops can contribute to reduce traffic problems in Salzburg.
Quality and innovation of public space
: the quality of the public space in front of the Central Railway Station should be continued as a boulevard in the northern direction and facilitate the development area between railway station and ARZS location. This boulevard could get a green appearance as a contrast with the paved spaces in the marshalling area of the trains; as a green attractor in the neighborhood. The design of public space should be clear and socially safe.
Multifunctional use
: workshops & permanent exhibition of ARZS together with ateliers or offices are a valuable attraction, an ‘end’ of the axes of Bahnhof Nord. These functions fit in the area as treasure house with technique as a theme and a relation with the heritage of motion surrounding the railway station. The mixed use of this location helps to make the area socially sustainable and ‚livable for 24/7’.
Appearance of the building(s): the quality of architecture and materials used, sustainability. The architecture should support the industrial character of its function. The glass tower(s) with exposition of technique and craftsmanship, open façades with exhibited classic cars will become eye catchers, also from the distance and in the evening. Open fronts on the ground floor increase the sense of social security on the street.

Architectural and socially important the southern corner should be on focus when approaching from the “new green” Bahnhof boulevard. The following main buildings are orientated towards the Fanny von Lehnert Straße. The main entrance and the showcase of ARZS are located along this axis. Furthermore the high points of 25 meters (accordingly to the Lainer proposal these high points could be raised up to 34 and 30 meters.) form the beginning and the end of the main sights onto the ARZS site.

Spatial effect of proposed ARZS development on the scale of the city:
As shown in „Sichtachsenstudie of Lainer", the proposed volumes of the buildings don’t disturb the visual axis between Maria Plain and the fortress. The composition of the volumes extends in a natural way the urban skyline of Salzburg.